3 Common Conditions That Can Be Relieved by Reflexology

Reflexology sessions are done by applying pressure to certain points outside your body. These points are connected to certain parts of your body. The nature of this discipline makes it seem more like acupressure. However, there are certainly some differences between reflexology and acupressure. The latter uses points spread all over your body and not just on your hands, feet, and ears. 

Reflexology isn’t a form of massage. Just like acupuncture and acupressure, it is complementary to medical treatments. One thing to be kept in mind is that it is not an alternative to traditional care. Reflexologists don’t diagnose and treat all illnesses. Reflexology may relieve you from stress, and make you feel more relaxed and energized. 

The actual benefits of it might go deeper though. Especially if you have certain health issues. Some individuals with certain medical conditions find that their pain is lesser with reduced stress levels. This is exactly what reflexology does. It helps people get a significant amount of relief from their stress. Here are a few other common conditions that can be relieved using reflexology sessions:

1. Stress and anxiety

During the reflexology sessions, pressure is applied gently to reflex points on the feet. These points correspond to different parts of the body. Nerve endings in the feet are unblocked by reflexologists using special massage. This helps in boosting circulation and re-balancing the endocrine and lymphatic systems. 

In this way, a state of calmness is induced throughout your body and mind with the help of reflexology. This greatly reduces your anxiety and stress levels.

2. Pain during labour

Reflexology can optimize a pregnant woman’s emotional and physical health. The reflexologists also provide general lifestyle advice for women during their pregnancy. This form of natural therapy helps expecting mothers focus more on their growing babies. 

Reflexology does this by helping them take some time away from their busy lives. It gives them the required time and space for this purpose. This particular aspect of this holistic natural therapy must not be underestimated. Pregnant women are also given time to clear their minds, think, and talk about their feelings during reflexology sessions. 

Women can seek reflexology sessions for support with regard to common conditions that arise during pregnancy. They include back pain, anxiety, constipation, and many others. It helps them prepare their body for the birth of their baby.

3. Arthritis

The University of Portsmouth conducted research by looking into reflexology as a painkiller. This research observed how reflexology can help decrease pain sensations. It studied how this holistic therapy caused the body to release certain chemicals that reduced the pain. 

Participants were found to have a higher pain threshold and had the ability to withstand pain longer. This couldn’t have been possible without the reflexology treatment. It clearly pointed out the fact that reflexology is an effective painkiller and was useful in treating arthritis. 

This form of holistic natural therapy not only relieves pain but also improves circulation and sleep in an individual. Reflexology sessions certainly put individuals in good stead to deal with arthritis in an effective way. 

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